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A Few Words About Us

At PDI International we believe in producing a precision, quality product, the first time around.

We value the customer as an important team member in our design, engineering, sales and quality departments and actively encourage an effective working relationship with them to achieve the optimum casting result. Our committed staff will investigate your project requirements and highly qualified personnel at all levels of the company, will ensure that all requirements are met from start to finish. We do not expect our customers to understand all the complexities of die casting. Our experts are available to help make your project a success. They will determine the cast-ability of your product before we start the design process to eliminate costly errors.
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our production line

  • Pressure Casting
    We produce engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal into reusable steel molds.
  • CNC Machining
    We proudly offer full-service prototyping, manufacturing, and electro-mechanical assembly.
  • Plating/Masking
    PDI will provide a "World Class Finish" to all our customers' products.
  • Powder Coating
    Its tough, looks great, and lasts a long time. Order from our extensive line of products and witness it yourself.
  • Precise Inspection
    Our Final Inspection makes sure all steps of manufacture are performed to your specifications.
  • Finishing
    We effectively finish your casting through the processes of plating, painting and assembly, giving you a finished part, ready to use.